I launched Nani with a vision of brokering authentic, global food experiences with ultimate convenience. We launched in early 2015, and had a wonderful run introducing ourselves to the community. I’m sad to say that as the year concluded, we made the difficult decision to discontinue our service.

While we were grateful to be able to serve thousands of fine folks all around San Francisco, ultimately we were unable to secure the necessary financial backing to make the business viable long-term.

On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every one of you, particularly during the early days when I was driving around the city as a one-man delivery service. While our time together was brief, I hope Nani was able to bring you a taste of something new and different (or perhaps remind you of something familiar and comforting!).

Thanks for your support!

Tamiz Ahmed
Founder & CEO, Nani

P.S. To ease any privacy concerns, rest assured that any personal information you submitted to our service has been deleted. Additionally, we never stored any payment information, so your credit card information is in no danger of being compromised.

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